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Full Venue Booking

Two hour minimum. 50% deposit required. Max capacity 30

£390 for a two hour booking of the entire venue.

50% deposit required once date and time are confirmed.

What's Included?

  • 2 hour full access to the entire venue. This includes both the arcade and café area. The venue will be entirely closed to the public during this time and exclusively for use by your group only. 

  • An increased capacity up to 30 people. 

  • Custom games list for your party. You can request your favourite games to be set up in time for your arrival (age restrictions apply).

  • Party bags included for all guests. These bags include one toy / keyring, a wristband, sweets, stickers and an R-CADE flyer. Or if all guests are over 18 years of age, BYOB (bring your own bottle) is allowed, standard corkage fees are waived in lieu of party bags being provided.

  • Tea / coffee / diluting juice will be available to guests.

  • An R-CADE present for the VIP.

  • Cake / food / drink can be brought in and consumed in the café area but must be declared beforehand.



  • For a full venue booking a minimum of 2 hours is required. Additional hours can be requested via our booking enquiry form.

  • STROBE WARNING: Our arcade includes a number of old CRT televisions which can potentially trigger seizures.

  • Games are restricted by age, so we cannot allow games with older age ratings to be played during kids parties or if kids are present at the party.

  • Our current capacity in the venue is 30 guests (not including staff). This includes parents or family members not playing games. If there are any children attending who are under 12 on the day of the party there must be an adult present throughout the entire party. This adult will be included in the total number of guests. Therefore at maximum there can only be 29 children plus one adult in the venue if any children are under 12. 

  • For parties and bookings with multiple children age 7 or under we require one supervising adult in the arcade per 4 children age 7 and under. Each adult counts towards the total number of people in the arcade.

  • Food / drink from outside can be brought in for the event, but must be consumed in the café area.

  • 2 hour party packages can only be booked to begin at the set times of 3.30pm, 4.40pm, or 7pm (Thu/Fri / Sat).

Private Booking (Full Venue)


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