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Arcade Update

November 2021

It is officially winter! The nights are closing in and the cold weather has descended on our fair city. As we push into the last couple of months of 2021 we are ready to announce a few changes to the way R-CADE works.

First however, something else that has also descended over Glasgow this month is COP26. The environment and protecting the planet are two subjects that are very close to our heart.

Our business relies on the reuse and refurbishment of old tech, not just video games and consoles but also televisions, computers and more. The amount of tech that we have saved from landfill over the years makes us so proud and we will continue to push people to fix and not replace unless they have to!

We also recycle almost all packaging that we receive and use it again when sending out our online store orders so if you order something and the packaging looks used then please don't be disheartened, you're helping to do you part too.

COP26 has caused massive disruption in Glasgow but the message is still there, save our planet.

And so our big announcement! R-CADE Lates will be returning in December. 

For those unsure about what Lates is, each weekend (Fri / Sat) after 7pm we put a minimum age limit on our arcade (18+) so that only adults are allowed in. This opens up our entire gaming catalogue to the public and also gave patrons the chance to make use of our BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) policy. For full details on our all new Lates Sessions, when they begin, and how to book, check out our blog page!

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