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A PLACE FOR PEOPLE  In January 2018 we opened our doors to the public with just 300 games and 10 retro games consoles. We wanted to offer everyone the chance to experience retro video games from the past 4 decades the way they were intended; on original hardware with proper old school televisions.


Our aim from day one was to offer a fun, safe and inclusive space for fans of all things geeky to hang out, make new friends and connect with each other.


From chilled out Tuesdays to crazy busy Saturdays, over the course of 2 years we successfully managed to build a wonderful community of friends and hold a dazzling array of events encompassing everything our staff are passionate about.


In Jan 2020 R-CADE celebrated it's 2nd birthday and after over 300 events both in our venue and around the country we felt like we had perfected the magic formula. We had succeeded in creating a warm, welcoming, safe, environment where people from all walks of life could meet and feel comfortable.​

Unfortunately 2020 brought with it a global pandemic and we were forced to closed our doors to the public for the very first time. But like any good video game protagonist we knew we had to level up and so we created R-CADE Online.


No longer able to welcome the community into our venue, we decided to take our unique brand of fun and video games online. Through video sites like YouTube and Twitch we dedicated our time to creating amazing content that could be consumed anywhere.

After 18 months of uncertainty and fear, we were finally able to re-open to the public in late 2021. The response to our controlled set up and the lack of social space was incredible and we were so thankful to everyone for coming back to visit us again after so long and working with our changes.

As we all moved forward through difficult times and tried to regain much of what we lost to the global pandemic we were hopeful that things could return to some semblance of normality or at least a new normal that included everyone.

Before the global pandemic hit us all, we were on the verge of finally moving to an all new venue with more space to play with. Fortunately due to the generosity of our amazing community we are now able to do just that.

So join us on the next stage of our incredible journey and thank you from all the staff here at R-CADE.

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