Frequently Asked Questions

How many games do you have available to play in R-CADE?

We have on average 20 video game consoles from Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and Xbox, all ready to play with a games catalogue of over 1700 games to request while you are in our arcade. Our games list is available to view in the main menu. Some of our games have age restrictions and we cannot allow older rated games to be played during our all ages sessions.

We do not have any traditional arcades or pinball machines.

Do I need to bring tokens or coins to play any games?

No. Our arcade is not your typical venue. We do not have standard arcade machines. What we have instead is a collection of home consoles from the past 40 years, lovingly restored and presented in our custom made cabinets to offer that arcade vibe. During your visit you simply pick up and play as many games as you like!

Please note that R-CADE is a cashless venue. We only accept card payments online and in store for all purchases.

What is the age limit for R-CADE?

Everyone is welcome during our all ages sessions. Children under 12 must have a paying adult with them at all times in the arcade during their session. After 7pm the venue is strictly over 18's only due to the nature of the events taking place.

How long can I play for?

We offer hourly sessions throughout the day. You must pre-book your pass at least 30 minutes before the next session begins to be able to play. Please note that you are purchasing a specific session, not an amount of time to play. If you arrive half way through your session time you will forfeit any missed time.

What are your rules regarding masks?

Masks are no longer mandatory in Scotland, but we still encourage the use of masks when visiting R-CADE. We are a very small venue and you will be spending an extended amount of time with other people in a small space. We have spare masks on offer should you wish to wear one.

What is the current maximum capacity?

Right now our maximum capacity in the arcade is 15 players (not including staff). Our café area can house a total of 10 - 15 patrons to maintain full accessibility.

Are pets allowed in R-CADE?

Unfortunately without apposable thumbs pets are terrible at playing video games so we cannot allow them into the arcade area. However you are more than welcome to bring your furry friends into our café to hang out for as long as you like.

Is R-CADE wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We are a street level venue and we have designed both the arcade and café with wheelchairs in mind. We also have an fully accessible bathroom for patrons to use too.

I am due to visit soon but I have to self isolate or I have caught Covid-19!

We offer full refunds or a reschedules up to one hour before your session time is due to begin. Please contact us as soon as you can if you cannot make it to your pre-booked time slot. 

For private parties you can reschedule up to one hour before your booking, but we are only able to offer refunds up to 48 hours before your party time begins.

Do you have a bar / are you licenced?

We are not licenced to sell alcohol and do not have the facilities to serve booze.

Before 7pm we are an all ages venue and do not allow the consumption of alcohol whist open to the public.

After 7pm we are strictly over 18's only and patrons are allowed to bring their own drinks (BYOB). A corkage charge is levied against all drinks and customers must declare all drinks when they arrive.

Full details are available on our booking page.

Do you sell gift cards?

We do not have the facility to create gift cards at the moment but it is something that we wish to add in the future.

What are the payment options?

We are a cashless store but we do accept all contactless and chip + pin payment methods.