A one hour pass for an all ages video game session in R-CADE

  • A one hour pass that gives one person access to the gaming area.

    6 British pounds

Our arcade passes are for one hour of gaming in R-CADE. This means that throughout your booking you can play as many different consoles and games as you like, you are not tied to a single machine. Simply select the day and time you would like to visit and add your details / payment. Please check over these T&C's before booking:

  • Each pass covers one person in the arcade. Please note as our café area is currently closed we do not have a separate area for non players to wait, so everyone coming into R-CADE must buy a pass, wether they are playing or not. Our current maximum capacity in R-CADE is 15 people (not including staff).

  • All children under 12 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

  • STROBE WARNING: Our arcade includes a number of old CRT televisions which can potentially trigger seizures.

  • Children under 4 do not need to pay to enter our venue, but a pass is still required. This includes toddlers and babies in prams. You MUST contact us before you book so we can send you our discount code for children under 4. If you do not book a pass and turn up for your session with a pram or unpaid toddler you may not be allowed entry if our capacity is at maximum.

  • Official support workers can also obtain free passes if they are visiting with their supported person. You MUST contact R-CADE before you book and request the free pass discount code. You will only be granted access if you bring your support or carers lanyard / card or you will be charged the standard arcade pass fee.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the arcade during game sessions. Again, we do not have a separate café area and do not have an area to store / consume food and drink. If you do want to eat or drink you will have to do so outside the venue.

  • Masks are no longer mandatory, but they are encouraged. We are a very small venue and you will be sharing a small space with other customers. Please feel free to wear a mask during your visit. We also have spare masks for anyone who would like one.

  • Your pass grants you access to our arcade at the specific time you chose when booking, not for an amount of time. If you arrive after your game session begins you forfeit any time lost. Refunds and reschedules can ONLY be given up to one hour BEFORE your game session begins.

  • Please make sure to arrive as close to your booking time as possible. We do not currently have a waiting area so if you arrive very early you will have to wait outside, even if it's raining! 


Dec 11 - Dec 17