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Mish's top retro multiplayer games

The most dreaded time of the year is almost upon us, yes it's almost Valentines day. The Pressure to buy lavish gifts and share a romantic experience with your other half can sometimes suck the fun out of the the entire holiday. We suggest an alternative activity for this special occasion. Mish has curated her top 5 favourite multiplayer retro games to play with, or against your other half. Do you want to team up and defeat bad guys, or do you want to win with the highest score? We have games for all players:

Super Mariokart

First up we have everyones favourite racing game, Mariokart, more specifically, Super Mariokart on the Super Nintendo (SNES). This simple but addictive little pixelated gem is suitable for gamers of all ages and experience levels. This makes it the perfect competitive game for all couples. If you need to decide who is doing the dishes or who gets to pick the next movie on Netflix, a quick game of Super Mariokart will do the trick, and it's more fun than a coin toss!

Bonanza Bros

If you would prefer to team up with your partner, we suggest a little game called Bonanza Bros on the Sega Mega Drive. In this game you play as two brothers who must sneak into buildings, steal items and get back out without being caught by the cops! You must work together and help each other out through each level, a great game for friends or couples who are 'as thick as thieves'!

Streets Of Rage

This classic side scroller beat 'em up is another great example of a fun and exciting coop game. This time you are on the other side of the law, you can choose from 3 young police officers and you will team up with your partner to stalk the streets looking to find and defeat the growing crime syndicate that has corrupted the local government. You can fight off bad guys with your own unique fighting style, or team up to defeat them with your special combination moves! This is also a fantastic button basher to release some rage after a stressful session on Mariokart (pun intented!)


After all that stress, it's time for a relaxing game of Columns. Nah, only kidding, this puzzle game may look relaxing, but it quickly turns all players into a giant ball of stress once you reach the higher levels. You can play alone or against a friend to reach the highest score. This game is similar to Tetris but instead of fitting shaped blocks into each other, you must match falling jewels to clear levels and gain points. The soundtrack is also fantastic to listen to while you play!


If you are looking for a simple and epic fighting game, you have to play Tekken. In our opinion the best beat 'em up game franchise in the gaming world, with the coolest characters and most impressive fighting combos. Choose from any of the Playstation classics (we suggest Tekken 3 to start) and pick your top fighter! Learn each characters signature moves or button bash like a pro, both are valid and fun techniques in R-CADE! Whatever game you choose to play, retro games have a knack of bringing everyone together. You may have been destroyed at a game of Mariokart, but it was a lot of fun! Playing video games with loved ones, friends and family is quality time that we need more of these days. Get your game passes booked for a wee game session with your other half, your bestie, an old work friend or your mum, and head down to R-CADE for a fun filled session of retro gaming. We have over 1500 retro video games to play, most of them have multiplayer options too, so you will never run out of games to find or rediscover.

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