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New Year, New Changes At R-CADE

Updated: Jan 12

It's a brand New Year and we are so excited to see what shenanigans we get up to in 2024. We will be updating you lovely lot with our events, meetups and promotions over the coming months, but in the meantime we have a few changes to update you on:

Loyalty points

Our website has finally updated and we can now offer loyalty points, hooray! Loyalty points are earned for every arcade session you book via our website. These points can then be exchanged for money off future arcade passes and special event tickets. Here's how it works:

First, and most importantly, you must be a member of the R-CADE website. When you previously booked an arcade session you will have put a name and email address into our system. You can then use your email to log in and view your loyalty points. If you haven't booked with us before, or want to use a new email address, you can create an account via our website too. Every time you book an arcade pass, a Lates pass or a special event, you will be rewarded with points that automatically add to your profile. IMPORTANT: Please note that you earn 100 points for every session or special event you book, not how many passes you book in that session. Loyalty points can only be earned by booking via our website. If you visit our venue and we book you in, points do not get added to your profile. Loyalty points cannot be moved or refunded if you reschedule or cancel a booking. How to redeem: You can log in anytime to view your points, but to use them is very simple. Just visit and book the passes as normal, but when you get to the payments page there will be an added option below the 'pay with Paypal / credit card' etc options that says 'use loyalty points'. This option will only appear if you are logged into your profile when booking. You can then add as many points as you like which will reduce your payment balance, it's as easy as that! The loyalty point scheme has been running for a little while, so many of you will already have a few points saved up! Go get booked in and have a free arcade pass on us. Check your points HERE.

Gift Cards

We have been offering digital gift cards for over a year now, but we now have a whole page on our website explaining this added bonus to you all. Check it out HERE.

You can now purchase digital gift cards to send to your favourite gamer, or purchase one yourself and print off one of our vouchers to put in a lovely greetings card. You can now also customize how much you want to add to your gift card too. Please note that digital gift cards can only be redeemed for arcade passes via our website, they cannot be used to purchase items in our cafe.

Weekly boardgame night

Introducing our weekly 'Board As F**k' boardgame night! Every Friday from 7pm we will be meeting up and playing a different tabletop game from our catalogue of over 200 games in our cafe. You can check our boardgame list HERE.

We will also be hosting a bi-monthly 'Learn & Play' game night where one of our staff members will take you through one of our epic boardgames! You can purchase tickets for our Learn & Play events via Eventbrite. This event will be hosted in our cafe every Friday from 7pm. This won't be a ticketed event (apart from the Learn & Play events), you can just turn up and play on the night. As always, our venue is strictly over 18's after 7pm. Our cafe is still open to everyone without the need to book, all we ask is that you buy a tasty snack and drink from our cafe.

Our over 18's events are also BYOB, with a corkage fee for drinks brought in. Our arcade is open during our boardgame nights too, you can always book our over 18's Lates arcade passes via our website HERE.

Updated t&c's

We have now updated our t&c's for our all ages arcade passes, over 18's Lates passes and special events. We mainly wanted to clarify one or two things regarding age restrictions that a few customers have questioned us about over the past year. To confirm, when purchasing passes for any family friendly sessions or events in our arcade area: Gamers age 0-4: pass not required for child, but parent must purchase a pass and stay with child in the arcade during the game session. One Adult pass must be bought.

Gamers age 5-7: child pass required for child and supervising adult. Adult must stay with child in the arcade during the game session. Two passes must be bought.

Gamers age 8-11: child can enter the arcade alone, supervising adult can stay in cafe but cannot leave the venue during game session. One pass must be bought for child with a second pass if supervising adult wishes to also play in the arcade.

Gamers age 12+ : adult supervision not required. Gamer can play in the arcade alone. One pass must be purchased for per person in the arcade. We have also introduced an addition to our reschedule policy. Our policy has always been that we can only reschedule or cancel arcade passes up to one hour before the event begins with option for a full refund. If you miss your booking or are late, you forfeit your passes and must purchase new ones.

We have now introduced our 50% fee policy. If, for any reason you are late for your session or miss your session, or want to reschedule within the hour before your booked session begins, we can now offer a 50% fee to do so. This means that to reschedule a missed or late session, you will only be charged 50% of the total fee for the passes you want to move.

You can view t&c's for all of our events and passes on each booking page. You can always keep up to date with any changes, upcoming events and special offers by signing up to our mailing list HERE

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