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Out With The Old'is, In With The New'is

Just over two months ago, Lewis left R-CADE Glasgow to go and get a big boy job. And we couldn’t be prouder of him.

When he joined the company in January 2020 both he and the world were a lot different. Despite everything that’s happened over the last two years, it’s been a joy to see Lewis grow. In the time he’s spent with us, a tremendous amount of heartwarming development has taken place. It’s a great reminder of what R-CADE can do for the people that step through our doors.

“I definitely felt like I grew a lot as a person,” Lewis said. “I met a lot of cool people with different perspectives in life so it opened my mind up too. My confidence has grown a lot because of the customers.”

“With shawarma Sundays I grew a lot outward too.”

“Truly, I'll miss the people. Games are great and all but the co-workers were what made it.”

“Through the highs and lows they had my back and I had theirs.”

I’ll admit, when we brought on both Lewis and Nadia I was unsure. It’d been a long time since R-CADE had added any new members to the team, and there’s always a fear that new people changes the dynamic and creates a different energy.

But I think that everyone who’s set foot in R-CADE when either has been on the floor knows that Lewis and Nadia have been nothing but incredible additions, increasing our variety of knowledge and building on our positive energy and sense of community.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here at R-CADE our hiring process is extensive, and aims to make sure whoever we bring on board fits into our weird little world. Applications, interviews - both normal interview procedure - it’s making them play games with their fellow applicants that sets us appart.

Lewis and Nadia had to do it, and now the latest addition to the roster has had to do the same.

Soph, who started on September 15th, still has a lot to learn - but granted so do I after four years. Really, she’s already taken like a duck to water, becoming a valued member of our staff and community.

“I've felt really positive so far!” said Soph. “There’s still lots I'm unsure of but I'm looking forward to what's to come!”

“I was happy with how welcoming everyone was and I love how there's a lovely community.”

“I've enjoyed getting to know everyone including all the regulars and I love seeing all the families come in - seeing the parents get just as excited as the kids.”

“I've had to make a few adjustments just cause this job is so different from my last one and I've never done like barista stuff or anything so I've had to figure all that out.”

Thank you to Lewis for being a part of this team and Soph for already bringing so much to the table. -You can hang out with our awesome staff Thursdays to Sundays, 12-7pm (or after 7pm if you are over 18). Book your arcade passes at and visit us at 121 Saltmarket, Glasgow

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