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All Ages Graduation Party

Friday 30th June 4:40pm

  • 12.50 British pounds

Description & T+C's

It's the end of a long and tough school year, it's time to let loose and enjoy the summer holidays! To celebrate, we will be hosting a special two hour retro gaming session in our arcade on Friday the 30th of June. We will also be immortalising our end of year students with a special 'Class of 23' photo in the arcade on the day too! Before booking your pass, please make sure to read the following t&c's: Each pass covers one person in the arcade area of our venue. Our current maximum capacity for the arcade section is 15 people (not including staff). For kids coming to play in our arcade area, please make sure to follow these updated rules: Tiny gamers age 0-4: pass not required for child, but parent must purchase a pass and stay with child in the arcade during the game session. One 'Big' pass must be bought. Gamers age 5-7: child pass required for child and supervising adult. Adult must stay with child in the arcade during the game session. Two passes must be bought('Little' and 'Big' passes). Gamers age 8-11: child can enter the arcade alone, supervising adult can stay in cafe but cannot leave the venue during game session. One 'Big' pass must be bought for child with a second pass if supervising adult wishes to also play in the arcade. Gamers age 12+: adult supervision not required. Child can play in the arcade alone. 'Big' pass must be purchased for child. No food or drink is allowed in the arcade section during game sessions. If you do wish to eat or drink you will have to do so in the café area of the venue. However food, drink and personal belongings CANNOT be left unattended at any time. Each pass grants access to our arcade at the specified time booked, not for an amount of time to be used at will. If you arrive after your game session begins you forfeit any time lost. Refunds and reschedules will only be given up to one hour BEFORE your game session begins. We do not currently have a phone but you can contact us via our chat widget if you need assistance. Please note that games rated 15 / 16 / 18 are not permitted during All Ages sessions to protect younger gamers. Our games list is available to view 24/7 via our website. This event will last approximately 120 minutes. Please note that our venue becomes an over 18's venue at 7pm. Gamers under 18 will not be allowed to stay in the venue after this time.