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2-Player games in RCADE

Sometimes there's too much choice in RCADE. With over 1000 games, its difficult to know what meets your needs.

And so we have a handy little guide of 2-player games to check out across all of our consoles while you're here.

Atari 2600

Combat - Battle it out with tanks and physics

Freeway - Race to cross the road with as many chickens as possible

Joust - Ye olden horse game, with computer

Outlaw - An old western shootout

RealSports Soccer - The oldest football game on the shop floor


Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Road Off - Top down racing with dirt rally cars

Lunar Pool - A mixture of pool and mini golf

Soccer - Football

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The titular turtles battle their way through the sewers

WWF WrestleMania Challenge - Take control of your favourite 80s wrasslers

Master System

California Games - A series of mini-games to compete in

Heavyweight Champ - Play as some of your favourite boxers throughout history

Smash T.V. - Work together to traverse a series of shooter arenas

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Race your friend as a blue hedgehog or a yellow fox thing

Super Kickoff - Fast paced football action

Mega Drive

Eternal Champions - fighting game with beautiful graphics AND magic

FIFA 95 - The oldest FIFA available in RCADE

Golden Axe - Medieval side scrolling beat-em-up

Micro Machines 96 - Race across common household setups as tiny race cars

NBA Jam - 2-on-2 basketball with added shoving


Clay Fighter - A fighting game of claymation monsters

F-Zero - Futuristic racing (think pod-racers from Star Wars)

Street Fighter 2 Turbo - The classic fighting game

Super Bomberman 2 - Drop bombs to eliminate opponents and open areas of the map

WWF Super WrestleMania - Your favourite wrestlers are back with improved graphics!

Sega Saturn

Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition - Race across the United States as a stock car driver

Saturn Bomberman - Drop bombs to eliminate opponents and open areas of the map

Street Fighter: The Movie - A Street Fighter game, made by the Mortal Kombat people

Virtua Cop 2 - Lightgun game, shoot the baddies!

Virtua Fighter 2 - A fighting game


Battle Arena Toshinden - Compete against friends with a range of medieval weaponry

Crash Team Racing - Crash and friends race to the finish, and use special powers along the way

Destruction Derby - Destroy cars better to earn more points

The Simpsons Wrestling - Throw people around the ring as your favourite Simpsons characters

Tony Hawk's Pro Skateboarding - Compete with friends to pull of the sickest trick


ChuChu Rocket - Guide your mice into a rocket to escape cats. You kinda have to play it to understand...

Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes - Fight amongst the Marvel heroes and the Capcom characters you've grown to love

Power Stone - Fight other magical characters with fists or weapons you pick up around the map

Toy Commander - Take to the skies to destroy or race your friends in model planes

Virtua Tennis 2 - Choose your favourite 2000's tennis player and take to the court

PlayStation 2

BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles - Fight one another using cranes and other JVC equipment

Crash Nitro Kart - Crash and friends race to the finish, and use special powers along the way

FIFA Street - Football is taken back to it's home, the streets, but with some of the biggest stars in the world

Lego Star Wars - Experience Star Wars as Lego versions of your favourite characters, and solve two person puzzles

Time Crisis 2 - A light gun game, which allows you to use some special gun controllers!


Dragon Ball Budokai 2 - Battle with your favourite characters from the Dragon Ball franchise

Legends of Wrestling 2 - Challenge your friends in the square circle as wrestling giants from the 80s

Mario Kart Double Dash -The superior Mario Kart game, where you can either work together or against each other

Pokemon Colosseum - Traditional Pokemon battles, but on the big screen!

Super Mario Strikers - Mario and friends swap plumbing for playing football

XBOX original

Amped - Race down the slops in snowboarding action

Burnout 3: Takedown - Compete in races, or challenges to destroy as much as possible!

Dead or Alive 3 - A fighting game, featuring characters each with a different martial arts discipline

Lego Star Wars II - Experience the first Star Wars trilogy as Lego versions of your favourite characters, and solve two person puzzles

Star Wars Battlefront - Take control of the planet of your choice from the Star Wars universe, and conquer/defend its people

XBOX 360

Blur - Modern day cars, with Mario Kart style power ups

FIFA 11 - The oldest modern football game we have

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Play as over 150 of your favourite Marvel characters

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Use our special fight stick controllers to battle Marvel characters again Capcom favourites

Minecraft - Build things! Or harass villagers. You've seen this at this point.

Playstation 3

Dirt: Showdown - Rally racing against your friends in the most modern cars

Dragon Ball Xenoverse XV - Battle among the world of Dragon Ball across the green hills

Little Big Planet - Solve physics puzzles with a friend as little Sackboy's

Sega Superstars Tennis - Smash it back and forth across the tennis court with some of Sega's most popular properties

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - 2-on-2 combat with mythical creatures and martial artists

Nintendo Wii

Carnival Games - Enjoy a day at the fair with some of your favourite tests of strength and accuracy

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - be a star athlete of the grandest stage of them all, while also being an anthropomorphic animal

Pokken Tournament - A Pokemon fighting game like you've never seen it before

Super Mario Galaxy - Your standard 3D Mario game fun, but with a second player to support your journey!

Wii Play - A collection of the best retro games/arcade games, but in a lofi Wii aesthetic

You can check out our full games list on the R-CADE website HERE. Grab a friend, book your passes and head down to R-CADE for a wee game session! Article by Sam Roberts

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