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Forgotten Mario Games

Updated: May 20, 2023

In recent years, March has become defined for gamers by March 10th - a celebration of all things Mario (MAR.10).

To keep with this new tradition, R-CADE Glasgow has decided to make March a whole Mario month! To celebrate our favourite fictional Italian plumber, we’re ran a Nintendo themed quiz, and will be hosting a multi-platform Mario Kart tournament (March 16th) a family Mario Party (March 26th) and of course celebrating the main man all day throughout March 10th!

2023 is also the 40th anniversary of Mario Bros original arcade release! Over the years, across hundreds of titles, Mario has been a part of some iconic games and some truly random ones.

As a start to our Month of Mario celebrations, here’s five games you might have forgotten he made an appearance in.

Pinball (NES)

The base game features two screens that make up one pinball table. 

But! In the games bonus stage, the player controls Mario, running back and forth carrying a platform. This area is accessed by launching your marble into a particular section of the base level. 

A lady (Pauline) is suspended above by a false floor. Mario has to bounce the ball off of his platform so it passes through bingo lamps, removing blocks from the floor in the process. To complete the bonus level, once the platform has been destroyed, Mario has to catch the lady and bring her safely to one of the exits at either side of the stage.

Mario’s Time Machine (SNES)

In 1993 Nintendo released an education video game titled “Mario is Missing”, designed to help children learn about parts of the world, through a point and click adventure.

The team at Mario Discovery followed that with another title: Mario’s Time Machine. This would be their last game before this branch of Nintendo was disbanded.

Players learn about world history, controlling Mario as he returns stolen artifacts back where they belong. After returning each item, the player has to answer questions about its place in history, and the associated historical figure.

The original PC release was distributed through floppy disks, but there was a release on NES, SNES and a Deluxe version provided as a CD-ROM in 1994. This added voice acting and a Library reference file featuring Bowser's mother.

I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater (Family Computer Disk)

Royal Industries Co., who produced sewing machines and other appliances in Japan, realised they could make money from a computer program that helped design sweaters.

This led to the development of “I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater”, a sewing simulator where players would input their measurement sizes and design sweaters. They could add images of major Mario characters, including the titular plumber, his green brother, confusingly named pink love interest and spikey nemesis.

Released for the Family Computer Disk System on August 27, 1986, only in Japan, “I am a teacher: Super Mario Sweater”, it was the first of two Mario sewing games (the other being “Mario Family” available on the Game Boy Color).

Yoshi’s Safari (SNES)

“Yoshi's Safari” (“Yoshi's Road Hunting” in Japanese) was one of the few games to use the SNES's Super Scope light gun peripheral, while also being the Mario franchise first and so far the only dedicated rail shooting game.

Princess Peach asks Mario and Yoshi to save King Fret and Prince Pine, rulers of Jewelry Land - since invaded by King Bowser.

The in game enemies are Koopalings piloting mechs while also in charge of large groups of minions. 

NBA Street V3 (GameCube)

During the Nintendo GameCube era, the Japanese companies partnership with EA Sports led to the Mario crew ending up in a couple of uncommon situations.

NBA Street V3 (specifically the GameCube version) features Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach as playable characters, referenced as the "Nintendo All-Stars". The three also appeared in SSX on Tour as playable characters, along with a new race track called Nintendo Village. 

A basketball court based on the Mario franchise, named the Nintendo Court, is also featured in the GameCube version.

Mario’s had a varied career! If you want to take advantage of the loads of games that use his name, you can book time in our arcade through

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