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World Cycling Championships come to Glasgow

From August 3rd to August 13th, the UCI Cycling World Championship comes to Glasgow - including Glasgow Green. Over the ten days a number of streets around R-CADE will be full of cyclists, cycling enthusiasts and of course, road closures/disruption. While the event website suggests that Saltmarket will not be part of any race course, this week the street has been lined with barricades, So if you're coming down to 121 Saltmarket, please be aware of this, including issues with parking.

Glasgow Green will host the BMX Freestyle events for the championships, with action across the weekend (if you're willing to get up for 8am qualifying rounds...).

For more information about how this event could effect your journey to R-CADE, visit Get Ready Glasgow.

In celebration of this special event, here's some of the games you can play in our venue to get excited about bikes! If you want to see what other games we offer, check out our list!

California Games (Mega Drive)

While not the soul focus of this game, one of the many mini-games within California Games is BMX racing.

The bile riding accompanied a number of other West Coast favourites such as surfing, roller-skating and... footbag?

No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking (PS1)

Nothing screams late-90's alternative like No Fear. Even more so when you screamed "No Fear!" while riding downhill on a mountain bike.

Each track in the game is inspired by a legendary real life route that riders challenge, including San Francisco's Telegraph Hill and New Zealand's Matukituki Rapids.

BMX XXX (GameCube)

There aren't that many naughty cycling games... This is definitely one we only have on during our Over 18's R-CADE Lates events.

Originally intended to be the next iteration of Dave Mirra's video game series (Freestyle BMX 3), the executives at Z-Axis and Acclaim saw the success of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and chose to insert mature humour and nudity into the franchise.

Paperboy (Master System)

One of the most iconic games of it's era, I remember an old friends dad once told me he spent an entire Summer working so he could afford to buy this game... as a paperboy.

The concept is simple, the execution is hard. You are the local paper delivery boy, on their route through a sometimes standard other times extra dangerous neighbourhood. Along the way you'll be confronted with moving cards, kids on big wheels and angry dogs. The hard part is remembering which houses have ordered papers and which haven't, as the graphic only appears on the screen momentarily before a level begins.

--- Make sure to book your arcade passes to get a chance to play all of these games and over 1000 more!

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