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R-CADE Easter Boardgames Swap Campaign

Family Friendly Boardgame Swap Returns This Easter!

For those of you who have been following us for a while you may remember last spring we launched our free boardgames giveaway table in our cafe during the Easter holidays. We got such fantastic feedback from this campaign that we decided we wanted to do it again, but this year we want to make it bigger and get you involved too! To recap; last year we set up a small table in our cafe which was piled up high with board games, card games and books that we had laying around and didn't have much use for anymore. Everything on our table was completely free for families to choose and take home to enjoy. We never like the idea of perfectly useful goods going to landfill and we wanted to offer some fun, and completely free options for families over the school holidays.

This year we would like to run this campaign again, but this time we want to encourage you all to donate any fun games and goodies that you are no longer playing with so other families can give them another chance to be enjoyed once again.

A selection of boardgames and card games displayed on the R-CADE cafe table.
A selection of games from last years swap

How To Get Involved

If you are donating: If you are having a clearout and would like to donate to our swap table, firstly we want to thank you for being awesome and kind! You can donate at any time during our standard opening hours (Thursday to Sunday, 12-7pm) and we will be setting up the table in our cafe between March 28th and April 14th. We do have a few rules regarding what can be donated. Things that we can accept are: -Boardgames, tabletop games, puzzle and card games. Please make sure these are complete (nothing worse than opening a game to find you can't actually play it!)

-Travel games and activity books. -Kid friendly books, annuals, comics and graphic novels. -We will NOT be accepting toys, plushies or collectables for this campaign (we just don't have the space!) -IMPORTANT: Please make sure that games donated are suitable for kids and families (teen games accepted too). We cannot accept adult rated games (Cards Against Humanity etc) during this campaign. If you are looking for free goodies: This campaign has been created to help give games, books and activities to families who are struggling to find affordable things to do with their kids over the school holidays. We will have a two item policy for each family / group looking to take home items from our swap table. If we do have lots leftover we are more than happy for groups to take more, but we will start with two items to give everyone a chance to take home goodies. Our free boardgames table will be set up in the cafe between the 29th of March and 14th of April.

You do not have to donate to take something away, and you do not have to book an arcade pass either. You can always buy a tasty snack or drink from our cafe during your visit to help support our small business if you like, this is also not required ( but very much appreciated!)

Extended Opening Times At R-CADE In April

Our usual opening times are 12-7pm, Thursdays to Sundays for all ages (7-10pm, Thu-Sat for over 18's) but over the Easter holidays our opening times will extend for families. We will be open Tuesday to Sunday, 12-7pm between the 2nd and 14th of April. You can book your arcade passes via our arcade page here.

We really want this years boardgame swap to be a big hit, so if you can spread the word to family and friends that means we can potentially offer many more families some fun free goodies during the holidays. If you have any questions regarding our campaign you can message us via the R-CADE website at or visit our venue at 121 Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5LF

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