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R-CADE Lates Is No More!

Goodbye R-CADE Lates, hello R-CADE Over's

The R-CADE Over's

At first they were called 'Adult Passes', then we tried 'R-Rated', but this didn't go well. People thought we were hosting naughty game events! So we landed on the title 'R-CADE Lates' for our over 18's game sessions, and it did quite well, for a while...

As many of you know, our venue has two different types of gaming sessions. We are family friendly from 12-7pm, then from 7pm onward our whole venue is only accessible to players aged 18+. After 7pm all of our age restrictions are lifted on our video game catalogue & boardgame collection and we allow BYOB (bring your own bottle).

We gave our over 18's sessions the title of 'Lates' as it was later in the evening, (that made sense, right?) but over the past couple of years through feedback from customers, followers and interested folk telling us that they had no idea what a 'Lates' session was meant to be, its time for a change.

Enjoying video games

Introducing: The R-CADE Over's!

We know it may be a little difficult to prise yourself off the sofa, what with the multitude of streaming services, convenient fast food delivery services, and news stories beamed straight to your smartphone, but it gets lonely and pretty boring on that sofa...

Why not get yourself down to R-CADE, we have created a bright, fun, and relaxed venue for you to hang out in, enjoy a wide range of retro games, make new friends and have a wonderfully nostalgic experience. No cover charge and no ticket required for the coolest retro cafe on the planet, and just £10pp for access to our incredible retro video game arcade for 90 minutes. You are never too old to enjoy games, and you will find plenty of awesome folk over 18 who enjoy them just as much as you do when you book in for R-CADE Over's!


Not only have we changed the name of our over 18's event, we have also changed the session times and ticketing format. We no longer host our tickets directly via our website, (but they are still advertised there). Instead we have gone back to Eventbrite for all of our over 18's gaming sessions, quiz nights, tournaments and special events for gamers aged 18+. (All events for families and kids are still hosted directly on our website) We have also changed the session time*. Instead of a single 3 hour session at one price, we are now hosting two 90 minute sessions, each at a cost of £10 per 90 minute session (plus Eventbrite booking fee). Our session times will run from 7-8:30pm and from 8:30-10pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This gives visitors the option to stay for a single session or book two sessions for the whole evening. We had comments in the past that some gamers didn't want to pay the full 3 hour fee as they only wanted to play for an hour/90 minutes, so we thought this would give everyone more options.

Fun at R-CADE

Our Over's tickets are now on sale on Eventbrite, alongside our other over 18's events. Please make sure to follow our Eventbrite page for updates on new events, alongside other fantastic events happening in Glasgow at other venues!

We hope that using such well known sites as Eventbrite will help spread the word about our wee venue, and that our new event title will encourage more mature gamers to visit and experience our fantastic retro community without fear of being judged. We are just a couple of middle aged gamers ourselves trying to create a fun and inclusive hangout in Glasgow city centre, come hang out with us!

*Don't worry if you have already bought Lates tickets for sessions over the coming weeks, we are still honouring your tickets and you do not need to change anything.

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