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Androo Recommends: Top 5 Gamecube games

R-CADE's top dog, Mr Androo has listed his top 5 Gamecube games to play on your next visit to our lovely little gaming haven.

Super Monkey Ball

With SEGA shutting down production of the Dreamcast, all of the company’s efforts were then focused on their original IP’s and after the successful release of the Monkey Ball arcade machine, the company ported the game to the Gamecube as a launch title in late 2001.

Incredibly simply, addictive and difficult all at once, the game was loved by critics and consumers alike.

In Super Monkey Ball, players are tasked with rolling a cute little monkey through a series of floating levels trying to collect bananas and get to the goal.

“A frustratingly brilliant game that absolutely anyone of any age or experience can pick up and play”

Super Mario Strikers

Mario Mario has a game for nearly every single genre of sport. Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, even the Olympics. So it’s not surprising that a football game was on the cards. Developed by Next Level Games, this entry to the Mario Sports collection took the fine art of five-a-side football and injected it with an arcade feel, over the top dynamics, and our favourite Super Mario characters.

In 2006 this game was actually the final Mario game released on the Gamecube console and also became a packaged variant with a black console itself.

Loved for it’s multiplayer component but hurt by a lack of single player modes the game reviewed well and even spawned a sequel on the Nintendo Wii a couple of years later.

“As usual, Nintendo deliver a finely tuned multiplayer experience for up to 4 people that compliments the great sport of football”

Warioware, Inc: Mega Party Games!

He’s disgusting, he’s rude, he’s horrible, and we love him. Wario was never intended to be as huge a hit as he became but due to his popularity on the Game Boy with the Warioland games, our boy in yellow was destined for greatness.

In 2003 the Warioware series was introduced to the Game Boy Advance. Microgames was designed to consist of short games, no longer than 5 seconds, where players needed to complete a simple task using intuition or common sense. The games of course had Wario’s crazy sense of humour and evoked a very Japanese style of comedy.

Just 6 months after the GBA release Warioware Mega Microgames was re-released for the Nintendo Gamecube with a new multiplayer aspect added in.

“One of my favourite multiplayer games for the Gamecube. Funny and instantly playable. Guaranteed to start an argument”

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

The Zelda that divided gaming fans world wide. The 10th game in the series would see Link return to an adventure on water. Featuring a cartoon cel shaded style that many found off putting, Wind Waker was a critical success and garnered nothing but praise from video game publications.

It’s similarity under the hood to the most beloved game in the series (Ocarina of Time) were undeniable but Wind Waker also added some much needed features whilst retaining it’s Zelda feel.

You awake on an island on your birthday but soon find out that an evil is brewing and it is your job to vanquish it as the Hero of Time. Queue a talking boat, lots of sailing, dungeons galore, and Tingle...

“My first proper play-through of a Zelda game and my introduction to the little green swordsman. If it wasn’t for Wind Waker this series would have passed me by.”

Mario Kart Double Dash

How do you top the most well loved entry in the definitive karting franchise (MK64)? Double the characters! Double the weapons! Double Dash!! Mario Kart has always been the arcade racer to emulate and with MKDD on the Gamecube, Nintendo took everything about the series and cranked it up to full.

Featuring debuts from characters like Birdo, Toadette, Baby Mario and Luigi, Diddy Kong, Petey Piranha and King Boo; as well as returning characters from previous editions. Mario Kart Double Dash upped the roster to 20 racers in 21 potential karts. The introduction of two characters per kart also made Double Dash the first and only Mario Kart to have a co-op mode.

With a 7 year gap from 64 to DD, the wait was lengthy but many outlets reviewed the game well and it went on to become the second best selling Gamecube game of all time.

“Mario Kart is synonymous with multiplayer, and has been the cornerstone of most of my best childhood gaming memories. Double Dash being in most of them.”

You can play all of these games and over 1400 more when you visit R-CADE Glasgow. You can see our full games list on our website HERE. Make sure to book your game passes before you visit too!

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