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Peter's Favourite R-CADE Games

Ever wondered what the R-CADE staff like to play? Peter tells us about their fond memories of an old PlayStation favourite, and how a card game got them their job at R-CADE.

Oddworld: Abes Oddysee video game cover for PS1

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey (PS1): “You play as an alien called Abe, who works in a factory that makes snacks. But he’s like a janitor, that finds out that they’re going to change his species into their next snacks - but also that he’s like The Messiah of his race, so he has to save all of the other slave workers and liberate them.”

I’d say I’m sold.

Peter grew up not playing this game, but watching it, mostly. “I grew up playing it with my dad, so it was one of the first games I remember playing - or like watching my dad play because I was too young to play it. So it always had a special place in my heart.”

Despite being a mostly backseat gamer, Peter still knows off the top of their head exactly what the games like

“Each screen is a puzzle, but there are platform elements to it. You have to mind control enemies to open doors and you can blow them up after you’re done with them.” Ah… How pleasant…

Fun Employed card game example cards.

Funemployed: A tradition when hiring in R-CADE is to bring in the last round of applicants for a games night. Let everyone get to know each other, play some table top games, and give us an opportunity to see how potential new staff members are in a social setting, outside of pieces of paper and interviews.

“I’m convinced that my entire reason for being employed [at R-CADE] was because of my performance in that game.”

A favourite game to play is Funemployed. Players are handed two cards faced down, which tell them about a quality of their that appears on their fictional CV. The table is shown a job that they are all collectively applying for. It can range from birthday clown to nurse to president. Each player turns over one of their qualities blindly, and has to explain why being hairy, being addicted to chocolate or being a literal lizard would make them best for the job.

Examples of the cards from Funemployed

“You have to apply random skills to a specific position and explain why your they would make you best for that job.” It's a favourite of applicants, of staff, and of late night customers who want something a little different from Cards Against Humanity, but with the same flavour.

If you want to find out more about what Peter likes, or the entire R-CADE staff - make sure to check out out meet the team videos.

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