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Important Changes At R-CADE Glasgow

We are very relieved to say that we are well and truly settled in to our new venue here at 121 Saltmarket. It has been a roller coaster 6 months since we dragged our retro collection across the road and welcomed everyone into our slightly larger home. We had a very worrying Christmas period with very little visitors but you all came to help us celebrate our fifth year of business in January and got us back on our feet!

We are now planning out our super exciting spring calendar here at R-CADE, but before we do we have to make a few changes. Starting in March we will have to increase our prices for arcade passes and parties. We would like to explain why:

When we moved to our new venue in July 2022 we kept our ticket prices to a minimum. Then October hit, with the absolutely horrendous energy prices affecting us all! Let me tell you that heating a larger venue and running power to all of the old CRT TV's and retro machines is not cheap to begin with! We knew that our customers were also affected by this added worry so we decided not to increase our prices and our business took quite a hit.

Now that the national minimum wage is about to increase on top of the skyrocketing energy cost we can't avoid changes any longer. If we were to keep our prices the same for everything we would not be able to survive more than a few more months. We have thought long and hard about how we can increase prices enough to keep us running without affecting our customers too harshly, so we have made the following changes which will take