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It's Time To Level Up!

In 2018, R-CADE started as a humble little retro arcade run by Androo and Mish, but after 4 years we have grown to a team of 5, with over 1500 video games and over 150 tabletop board games to play. We have hosted parties and game sessions for a few thousand customers and we are now quite literally bursting at the seams! So after a long and stressful pandemic lockdown, and a very successful reopening in late 2021 / 2022, we are extremely excited to announce that R-CADE will be expanding into a bigger venue!

A bigger venue will mean the return of our cafe / social space, more retro video game setups, more opportunity to host meetups and clubs again, and of course more space for more friends! We hope to open our shiny new venue in late 2022, but as we have used up all of our savings to survive the pandemic, we need a little help to make our expansion dreams a reality. In June 2022 R-CADE will be launching a very important Kickstarter campaign. This crowdfunding project will help pay for the build of our bigger and better venue. In return for supporting we will be offering rewards such as merch packages, party packages and exclusive perks in our new venue. All updates for our Kickstarter will be posted on our mailing list and our website. We are unable to post a link to our Kickstarter until it goes live on June 1st, but we can scream and shout about it until then, and so can you! We are asking all of our customers, supporters, followers, friends and family to share our wonderful news by reposting and sharing our social media posts with as many people as possible. We also have a mailing list that everyone can sign up to and receive links and updates for our Kickstarter too. Click on the image below to sign up!

This is a very exciting and scary new chapter for the R-CADE family, but we can't wait to get started! We will be looking to work with local artists, businesses, builders and contractors to help create our new space. If you are any of the above please post your details below. Of course we won't be able to work with every single person who offers but we will keep everyone's details for future projects too. We want our new venue to have as much community input as possible. We will be posting design ideas on our Patreon to let subscribers decide on parts of the build too! Are you ready? Game on!

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