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For when you come to R-CADE and have nothing to play, these are the top 5 Nintendo 64 games I'm going to recommend to you! Sadly not every game in our repertoire will make this list but either with friends or alone these are easy to pick up and sure are fun. In no particular order here they are!

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart makes the shortlist but the list of reasons for being here is long! Mario Kart 64 was the first Mario Kart game I had ever played so I'm a little bit biased but it is my list after all! It's got all the classic tracks from Choco Mountain to Moo Moo Farm (and all the sneaky shortcuts those maps hide). One fact that is lesser known is that Mario Kart 64 was the first game where trick boxes were introduced, additionally they also act different from other games in series, this is the only Mario Kart game where you can deploy them mid air where they stay! Dastardly.

Super Mario 64

This is the first 3D Mario Game and it's still the best one to me! It sets the formula for collect this, beat this but each level brings something unique and the collector in you will want to find every single star you can. From Penguin belly slides to Goomba stomping your way down town this game has it's basics down to a tee, sure it isn't as flashy as some of the other games with stimulating powerups but that's what makes it so loveable. It's super easy to pick up with simple controls and navigating a 3D Mario world is easy peasy, although jumping head first into a painting to start each level may not be intuitive it's definitely satisfying. After all, who doesn't want to headbutt the Mona Lisa?

Goldeneye 007

This is a Golden game with a license to thrill! Play as classic James Bond characters in campaign mode or an arcade mode with split screen versus! It's got deathmatches, throwing knives, frag grenades and the titular golden gun from the films! Surprising little fact is that multiplayer was actually a very late addition to the game which wasn't in the original brief. It's the ultimate game to test your mettle and settle any score.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

With so much game packed into the tiny 32 MB cartridge this game is sure to last you many sessions at R-CADE and will take awhile to fully complete! Don't let it's length discourage you because this game holds so many opportunities for short term gratification too! Play as Link as you hack, slash and hi-yah your way to victory. Using the Ocarina to whistle a tune that really puts the pep in Link's Step. Collect tunes and master the music that helps you traverse the game. Featuring the little fairy Navi, this game will keep you entertained with the story and the various minigames found throughout!

Star Wars episode I: Racer

Now this is Pod Racing! I know this isn't the only racer that has made the list but this one has earned it's spot. You may not enjoy the prequels but you've got my guarantee that you'll enjoy this! This game features all the original racers from the classic prequel including young Anakin and the ever so violent Sebulba. It pits the podracers on 25 tracks across 8 worlds in the Star Wars systems. With split screen it's a no brainer why you wouldn't want to force your friends to eat your dust in this extra-terrestrial racer.

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