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R-CADE Covid Update

On Tuesday the Scottish government made a statement updating the country with their new schedule for reducing restrictions. The following changes will be made at the following dates in Scotland: -vaccine certification will no longer be legally required from Monday 28 February, although the app will remain available so any business that wishes to continue certification on a voluntary basis to reassure customers will be able to do so.

-current legal requirements on the use of face coverings, the collection of customer details for contact tracing purposes, and for businesses, service providers and places of worship to have regard to guidance on Covid and to take reasonably practicable measures set out in the guidance are expected to be lifted on 21 March, subject to the state of the pandemic.

- access to lateral flow and PCR tests will continue to be free of charge, ahead of a detailed transition plan being published on the future of Scotland’s test and protect programme in March. We have discussed these changes with our staff and have decided that due to the size of our venue and the small number of staff we have, to keep our current restrictions in place until at least one month after the above restrictions change. This means that: -Vaccine passports were never required in R-CADE previously, and we will not ask for passports moving forward.

-Masks will still be mandatory for every person over 12 attending any of our gaming sessions up until at least the 21st of April. We will still require everyone to check in using the Scottish Track and Trace up until this date too. - Lateral flow tests will still be taken by every member of staff before every shift, and we will still require proof of a negative lateral flow test taken on the day of your visit if you are mask exempt or attending our R-CADE Lates over 18's sessions. Just as we are doing now, the only people allowed to attend R-CADE family gaming sessions without a mask are kids under 12 and people with a valid exemption who can provide proof of exemption and a negative lateral flow test. We will not grant entry without proof of both. We will review our rules in the week running up to the 21st of April and will update everyone with any changes. We are fully aware that mask wearing will no longer be a legal requirement after the 21st of March but as a small independent business we reserve the right to keep these rules in place to keep our staff and customers safe. We resent these rules as much as everyone else but we have agreed as a small team that keeping these restrictions a bit longer will help everyone in the long run. We hope everyone can understand why we are keeping these rules in place.

If you no longer wish to wear a mask after the 21st of March we fully support you, but ask that unless you are happy to wear a mask when visiting R-CADE, to wait a little longer to visit until we can reduce our restrictions in the future and you can visit us mask free, just not yet. Thank you to everyone for the amazing support. We very much hope that this is the last hurdle in a truly crazy two years!

You can still book your family gaming passes or over 18's Lates passes on our website or order from our online store at

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