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Star Wars Day At R-CADE

Updated: May 12, 2023

It's almost that time of the year when we can fully embrace our appreciation for the best space western franchise ever created! Star Wars day lands on a Thursday this year, and we know not everyone can join in the fun on a weekday, so we have dedicated an entire weekend jam packed with events and promos for you all. Here's what's happening:

We kick off the weekend with the official Star Wars day itself. from 12-7pm we will be celebrating with lots of Star Wars themed video games and board games. Everyone who visits R-CADE in cosplay on the 4th will get a free arcade pass too! (Arcade pass can either be redeemed on the day or for a future session). We will be serving Blue Bantha milk and... ahem... EMPIRE biscuits in our cafe (see what we did there!) From 7-10pm we will continue the party for our over 18's Lates sessions with a few rounds of Star Wars Battlefront too.

Friday is REVENGE OF THE FIFTH! From 7pm join us for our monthly quiz night, this month is of course all about the War of Stars! 6 rounds of Star Wars trivia and an ungodly amount of prizes to give away! This event is part of our R-CADE Lates over 18's event, BYOB and prizes for all teams too!

Saturday will be epic movie marathon day! From 12pm we will celebrate as many Star Wars movies as we can possibly squeeze in throughout the day. No we're not telling you which trilogy we are choosing, you will just have to visit and find out!

Sunday the 7th we will complete our Star Wars weekend with a few evening sessions dedicated to our favourite retro video games based in outer space. From Asteroids, Defender and Laser Blast on the Atari, to Starfox on the SNES, Super Space Invaders on The Sega Master System to Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, and of course we will be playing a selection of Classic Star Wars games on a number of platforms too. You can book tickets for our quiz, Star Wars day and 'Games From Outer Space' sessions via our special events page on our website HERE .

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