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Glasgow's Favourite Retro Arcade Has Levelled Up!

Glasgow’s premier retro video game arcade is opening a brand new venue.

R-CADE Glasgow is moving to 121 Saltmarket after over four years at its previous locale, and it’s time for both a return to normality and a change in operation.

“A bigger venue means more people can enjoy what we do, like retro video games, tabletop games, and events,” said Androo, owner of R-CADE Glasgow.

“More over it means we can tie in some of the new aspects of the business that have grown from the pandemic, like our live streams, our retail offering, and our refurbishing and repairing workshop.”

The venue is full of retro videogame consoles, ranging from Pong up to a Wii U, with almost everything in between. Customers can request game changes as often as they like while they’re there, from a range of more than 1700 games. The room is a buzz with the low hum of CRT TVs and the excitable cheers of little and big kids alike.

R-CADE Glasgow is based on Saltmarket, an area of the city that today is full of small businesses, and planned change of venue is just across the street.