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Glasgow's Favourite Retro Arcade Has Levelled Up!

Glasgow’s premier retro video game arcade is opening a brand new venue.

R-CADE Glasgow is moving to 121 Saltmarket after over four years at its previous locale, and it’s time for both a return to normality and a change in operation.

“A bigger venue means more people can enjoy what we do, like retro video games, tabletop games, and events,” said Androo, owner of R-CADE Glasgow.

“More over it means we can tie in some of the new aspects of the business that have grown from the pandemic, like our live streams, our retail offering, and our refurbishing and repairing workshop.”

The venue is full of retro videogame consoles, ranging from Pong up to a Wii U, with almost everything in between. Customers can request game changes as often as they like while they’re there, from a range of more than 1700 games. The room is a buzz with the low hum of CRT TVs and the excitable cheers of little and big kids alike.

R-CADE Glasgow is based on Saltmarket, an area of the city that today is full of small businesses, and planned change of venue is just across the street.

Androo said: “Saltmarket has been our home for the last four years. It's an eclectic part of the city that has not been hit by gentrification or lost touch with its roots.

“The local residents are a big part of who we are and they have been a great support over the years too.”

From the shops launch to this day, R-CADE prides itself on feeling like someone’s front room, and a place where customers can feel comfortable exploring their nostalgia.

Androo said: “We are after all a family run business and not a massive chain or conglomerate. We don't have a bottomless pit of investors or shareholders to rely on.

“It is an independent family run business. We all pitch in and we all work together.”

While the family atmosphere is of great importance to the shop, the beauty for Androo lies in the shop's position as a safe space for people from all walks of life: “R-CADE exists as an open and welcoming social space for everyone.”

The business has found a way to cater to every age group and background. Family fun sessions every weekend provide a safe space for parents to show their kids games form their own childhood. Private hire gives larger groups the opportunity to customize their experience. And for adults looking for an escape into nostalgia, there’s R-CADE Lates: over eighteens only, BYOB, a safe space for an early evening night out different from the typical pub.

All of these are great - but it pales in comparison to what the team was doing, and had planned before COVID struck.

“Unfortunately the pandemic took a massive toll on moving and so we are stretching every last penny we can to finally do it now.

“The social space and tabletop events that we used to run have been sorely missed by not only the customers but by our staff too.”

R-CADE opens on July 23rd for family gaming, over 18's gaming, meetups and event nights. Quiet sessions will run every Thursday from 12-2pm too. You can book your passes via the R-CADE website or pop in and hang out in the social space anytime for a coffee and a casual board game.

For full details on venue events, prices and updates, follow R-CADE on social media @rcadeglasgow or sign up to their Patreon for discounts and free passes.

Sam Roberts

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