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Meet The Team: Laura

October introduced a lot of things. The darkness comes earlier, and the rain falls hard. But R-CADE Glasgow remains a warm and welcoming place - even more so with the addition of our newest staff member: Laura!

“I’m very excited! It’s great to be working with my friends - it’s just such a positive, lovely environment to work in,” says the newest member of the R-CADE Team.

Some will recognise Laura as one half of our board game partners Roll Wi It, who have run TTRPG and DND events in R-CADE for the last five years. As part of Roll Wi It, Laura is adept at hosting large events and presenting to a group as she leads intrepid travellers on dangerous quests in fantasy realms. Her knowledge of the card arts has already been an asset during Laura’s first couple of months at 121 Saltmarket.

“It’s really fun seeing people look at all the games and then I’m like “Aw this game’s amazing. If you like this game you’ll like this game” and recommending games to people is really fun.”

On top of her board game expertise, Laura’s addition to R-CADE brings in an employee with advanced cafe experience, as we look forward into the future of what our little store can be. Although, just because she hasn’t got experience with the arcade side of the business doesn’t mean she loves video games any less.

“My favourite video game ever is either Sonic Heroes or Jet Set Radio Future. It might be rose tinted glasses, cause it’s been a long time since I’ve played either, so they might be garbage…”

“They’re just two games that we had on the original Xbox that I remember playing significantly. Jet Set Radio Future, I don’t ever remember physically going out to buy it or having a box for it - I think it was maybe just some weird demo disc that we had… Core memory. A great game.”

Despite our focus on the retro side of gaming, as a staff we stay abreast of what’s current in the video game landscape. For Laura that means diving into possibly the biggest game of 2023.

“Baldur’s Gate 3 is pretty much the only other video game [other than Overwatch] that I currently play - but I don’t play it that often because I don’t own it. I’m not stealing it off [her boyfriend], I only get to play it when I’m at his. It’s basically DND, but in video game form - and I love DND.”

If you’re in Glasgow and haven’t met the newest member of the R-CADE Team yet, make sure you come down to 121 Saltmarket before the year is over to introduce yourself! (Or just to play some video games, or even have a party!)

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