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Nadias top 5 playstation games to play in r-cade

Not sure what games to play when you visit R-CADE? We have almost 1500 games to choose from over a dozen different consoles. This week Nadia recommends her top 5 Playstation 1 games to request on your next visit:

Resident Evil

The first installment in this legendary franchise is the perfect intro to the series. If the bizarre live action intro cutscene doesn’t sell it to you then the cheesy voice lines certainly will “You were almost a Jill Sandwich!”. In this game you explore the mysterious mansion in the Arklay mountains as either Chris Redfield or JIll Valentine and try to survive the mansion’s undead denizens and figure out what is going on. The one question on everyone’s mind…how bored was the architect who made this house and decided to put puzzles everywhere?

Resident Evil 2

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I really like the resident evil games. Therefore, it should be no surprise that number 2 on my list is another Resident Evil game. After the mansion in the first game we now find ourselves in Raccoon City, home of the Umbrella corporation. After an altercation between one of the creators of the virus and the company he worked for, an outbreak occurs in the city turning the citizens into zombies and all manner of other horrifying monsters. Play as either Leon S. Kennedy, new kid on the police force or as Claire Redfield, a woman looking for her brother in the city. Take on the zombies and the stalking BOWs in order to escape the city alive. Apparently the same bored architect from the first game decided to design a whole police station this time…how does anyone get around this place?

Tekken 3

Everybody loves a good fighting game and growing up I was a Tekken kid. Tekken 3 is one of my favourite instalments in the series, bringing back old characters and introducing new ones. The Tekken storyline continues to get more convoluted as more drama is added to what should be a totally normal martial arts tournament but nevermind that time to settle old grudges and create new ones with your friends and family in this classic fighting game.

Micro Machines V3

Speaking of creating grudges, next on the list is teeny tiny racing game Micro Machines V3. On the surface it’s a cute multiplayer racing game in which the players navigate small cars around an obstacle/racing course made out of larger than life household objects. However, this game can be rage-inducing with its difficult steering, power ups and the occasional blowing up if you fall too far behind in certain game modes. This obviously means it’s fun for all the family!

Spyro The Dragon

Finally on our list is the original Spyro the Dragon. You play as Spyro, the young dragon on a mission to free the other dragons and defeat the Gnasty Gnorc. You can run around the levels burning and headbutting your enemies in an effort to help save the dragon homeworlds and be the hero…and if anyone asks, that sheep was looking at you funny. This is a really fun game that’s bright and colourful and everything you want during a chill gaming sesh so I totally recommend it.

You can see our full games list on our website. Book yourself a game pass and get your game on!

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