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R-CADE Summer Games 2023!

R-CADE summer games poster

The summer is finally here, and we can't wait to host all of these amazing retro inspired events with you all! Welcome to the R-CADE Summer Games Calendar.

For the next two months we will be extending our opening times and offering a range of fun activities for all ages. First things first, starting from July 1st until the end of August we will be open Tuesday to Sunday, 12-7pm for all ages, and 7-10pm for over 18's on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with one exception... We will be closed on the 7th, 8th and 9th of July due to TRSNMT festival. We will be open the days before, on the 4th, 5th and 6th and then back open for a 6 day week from the following Tuesday onwards. Are you ready? Just click on the images below to book your tickets:

the crystal maze, hosted by Richard OBrien

R-CADE Lates: Gameshow Quiz (18+) - Saturday 1st July To start of the summer season we will be hosting an epic retro gameshow quiz! Each round of our quiz will be based on a different iconic tv gameshow from the past 5 decades. Prizes for all teams!

Guitar Hero and Rockband poster

R-CADE Lates: Guitar Hero vs Rock Band (18+) - Thursday 6th July The whole of Glasgow will be rockin' out on the 6th with the Def Leppard and Motely Crue happening just down the road from us at Glasgow Green. We didn't get tickets but we can still rock out ourselves! Our cafe and arcade area will be split into two sections, and we are digging out the drums / mic for this one too!

Roll Wi It TTRPG event poster

Roll Wi' It TTRPG Nights (18+) - Various Dates

Our pals Roll Wi' It will be launching their ongoing campaigns every second Thursday in our cafe. Two confirmed campaigns will be SPIRE and D&D. This event is suitable for beginners, and don't worry if you miss a week, these campaigns are flexible and the DM's are awesome at getting you up to speed. Dates are:

13th/ 27th July, 10th/24th August.

Friendship club poster

Friendship Club (8-16years)- Friday 14th July / 4th August Our friendship club normally lands on the first Friday of the month, but as we will be closed on the first weekend in July we have moved this particular club to the following Friday, 14th of July. It will then return to normal times from August 4th. This club has been created for gamers age 8-16 who are interested in making friends with other retro gaming fans. Parents can wait in the cafe while our staff help the kids with multiplayer games.

Roll Wi' It Intro to D&D event poster

Roll Wi' It D&D Takeover (18+)- Saturday 22nd July

Our bi-monthly takeovers work a little differently. These one shot intro nights are hosted by Roll Wi' It with extra tables and more DM's. For one night the arcade is taken over by two extra tables of D&D. This event is perfect for beginners who are interested in D&D but are unsure where to start. Dm's will help you through character design and your campaign.

Family tournament poster

Family Retro Tournament (8+) -Sunday 30th July

Let's get competitive! Bring the family down and get your team names sorted while we take you through 5 rounds of family fun retro gaming challenges. Families are split into teams and are given a score card, at the end of the tournament we will declare a winner from each family!

crazy controls poster

Crazy controls Parties! -Various Dates Tuesdays/ Fridays With the success of our crazy controls party last month, we wanted to dedicate an entire summer to this fantastically fun event! We will be hosting family friendly events on Tuesdays, and over 18's events on Fridays. There will be a minimum of 4 stations, each with their own bonkers game controls; blindfold Mariokart, Upside down Bomberman, shared controls Sonic and oven mitt DJ Hero! We have two separate events for different age ratings. Visit HERE for All ages tickets, or visit HERE for over 18's tickets.

Multi-Platform Tournaments (18+)- Thursday 20th July / 17th Aug Come and try out for top prizes in our multi-platform tournaments. We will be hosting Wii Sports / Resort in July, and Halo in August!

boardgame club poster

Boardgame Club (8+)- Wednesdays various dates

Introducing our first ever boardgame club. Each club meetup will be a 90 minute tutorial on a different retro boardgame, or videogame based tabletop game. We will have 4 clubs throughout the summer: Minecraft Boardgame, Home Alone Boardgame, Pokemon Master Trainer boardgame and 90's throwback POGS! game. Click on the image above to visit our booking page. Please note that tickets for our boardgame club is available on Eventbrite, not on the R-CADE website.

R-CADE quiet sessions poster

As mentioned, we will be extending our opening times from the start of July, but we will still be hosting our quiet sessions every Thursday from 12-2pm. During this time we lower the volume of all audio in our venue, we reduce the capacity and encourage a more calm environment for gamers who find might find it a bit too much joining in our busy sessions.

two kids sitting on stools in R-CADE playing Smash Bros on the Wii U

If you are simply looking to visit us for a standard gaming session, or want to join in some retro gaming fun at our R-CADE Lates over 18's sessions, you can visit our arcade passes page and book whichever tickets you like! Just click the image above to book.

Hello kitty plush sitting in the cafe chair with Labyrinth boardgame on the table, a blueberry muffin and a Latte.

....but if you are just looking for a nice place to grab a tasty snack and play some boardgames, you can visit our cafe any day that we are open. Our cafe still runs on the same age policy, so we are family friendly from 12-7pm, and then our whole venue, cafe included, is over 18's only from 7-10pm. Occasionally our cafe may be unavailable if someone has booked a private party. We always keep our Google opening times up to date, but please feel free to get in touch if you are planning on heading down and are unsure of availability. You can check out our full menu on our website HERE. We hope you can make it down to some of our events this summer, or just hang out with us and grab a tasty iced latte.

The R-CADE Summer Games is powered by the following awesome local businesses #supportlocalbusiness Pure Roasters Coffee , Box Fresh Glasgow, CTRL+R , Roll Wi' It

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