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What it's like to work at R-CADE

In April of 2022 we extended our opening hours for the Easter school holidays. This meant that we needed an extra pair of hands to help out. We threw out a wee job vacancy online, interviewed some folks and choose Gary to come work with us for three weeks.

It has been a crazy three weeks with almost every single session being fully booked with families visiting to play games and hang out. We threw poor Gary right in the deep end from day one, but after three weeks he is still here, about to work his last shift at R-CADE, and we wanted to ask him how he felt about his R-CADE experience: So you have survived three weeks working at R-CADE, how are you holding up?

I look and feel like Rocky after his fight with Ivan Drago. Haha only joking, I'm sad it's coming to an end soon. I've had that much fun it didn't feel like I was actually at "work" once.

What has been your favourite thing about working at R-CADE?

Definitely the whole community/family feeling. From the staff making everyone feel welcome to the customers who all bring their own unique vibe, it's just a great place to be and it made me feel extremely happy and not self conscious at all about being who I want to be.

R-CADE has a trending hashtag on Twitter called #thingsheardatrcade , what has been your favourite thing overheard at R-CADE during your time here?

Some middle aged lady telling her child that "Mario was her bitch"

What is your favourite game to play or set up for families at R-CADE?

Unfortunately I never got to play any games due to how crazily busy the shop has been but a family favourite definitely has to be Mario Kart on the Wii or N64.

Will you be coming back for some game sessions even after you stop working here? Hell YES! Without a shadow of a doubt.

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